Step One

Choose your sizing      

Stock sizing or Custom Measurement Chart and Size Chart.

Note: We always need to know your height, weight, chest, waist, hip, neck, wrist and shoe size.

Step Two

Choose your Shoulder zipper

Heavy Duty or Regular Weight

Step Three

Choose your Options

Standard suit pricing is with Kevlar kneepads, Arctic boots and neoprene tuck style neck and wrist seals.

Upgrade and choose your Drysuit Options.

Step Four

Purchasing your Drysuit

Download the measurement chart and follow the directions to have another person measure you for a custom fit drysuit, or you can select the correct stock size form the size chart.

Call us at 1-888-986-3441 and talk to one of our experienced people .

We can then help you to choose the model of drysuit and all the options and accessories you will need to experience safe and enjoyable diving, time after time. We offer a host of options to allow us to work within the budget you have set for your new drysuit.